Hello, I’m Philip Donker

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Thanks for checking my personal website. I'm a young professional, with a strong interest in modern marketing and commerce technologies. I have finished my Small Business and Retail Marketing bachelor in september 2012. During my study I have been an intern at iBOOD, PayPal and Oyaloo Mobile Marketing and I have founded several companies. Please check out my portfolio to read more about my experiences and feel free to contact me!


  • Oyaloo Mobile Marketing 2012 — 2012
  • PayPal 2010 — 2011
  • iBOOD.com 2007 — 2009


  • Ontwerp een Case V.O.F. 2011 — current
  • EnjoyGear 2010 — current
  • Simply Online Sales 2007 — current

Ontwerp een Case V.O.F.

About the project

In november 2011 I came across an affordable technology to produce customized smartphone cases, with a photo or company logo printed on the backside. After discussing the idea with a friend we decided to start a new company: Ontwerp een Case V.O.F. For this company i'm responsible for the website, online marketing and mobile app (expected to launch in august 2012).

  • Projectmanagement
  • Strategy
  • Online marketing
  • IOS app
  • SEA
  • Businessdevelopment
  • Sales


About the project

Smartphone users often complain about the battery life of their phones. To offer a solution for this problem I founded EnjoyGear, an accessory brand specialized in smartphone charging products, such as portable batteries and chargers. The products are distributed via several e-commerce companies in The Netherlands.

  • Branding
  • Purchasing
  • Design
  • Projectmanagement
  • Businessdevelopment
  • Sales

Simply Online Sales

About the project

In 2007 I built my first online store: usb-oplader.nl, after the success of this website I launched several other niche websites, such as usb-kabels.nl, hdmi-kabels.nl and vga-kabels.nl. The motto for this project is to keep the websites as simple as possible, while continuously improving the SEO rankings and conversion rates.

  • SEO
  • Webdevelopment
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Online marketing
  • Conversion optimization

Internship Oyaloo Mobile Marketing

About the project

During my graduation internship at Oyaloo Mobile Marketing I have been working on a strategic business plan for the retail products of the company (mobile websites and apps). Based on market research and interviews with experts I have developed a 2-3 year strategy for the company, to become the leading company in the mobile retail marketing industry.

  • Market research
  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Retail marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Positioning

Internship PayPal

About the project

At PayPal I have been working on several marketing projects, such as the PayPal integration on classifieds websites like Tweedehands.be and Marktplaats.nl, the development of a new API for account creation, the development of a new PayPal microsite for eBay.nl and the voting campaign for the Thuiswinkel Awards.

  • A-B testing
  • Analytics
  • Web development
  • UI Design
  • Projectmanagement

Internship iBOOD.com

About the project

During my internship at iBOOD the company was rapidly growing to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in The Netherlands. I have been responsible for copywriting, photoshopping and customer service related work as an internship and part-time job.

  • copywriting
  • customer service
  • photoshop

Small Business and Retail Management

At the INHolland Haarlem university of applied sciences I have almost finished the Small Business and Retail Management program. The basic program exists of courses such as market research, marketing, projectmanagement, leadership, law and sales. Besides these courses I have completed a Honours program in Leadership and a differentiation- and specialisation program: InChina and Entrepreneurship.


  • - Mandarin language
  • - History, culture and business
  • - Study trip Shanghai/Beijing


  • - Research and strategy
  • - Marketing and sales
  • - Presentation skills


Please use the form below to contact me or e-mail to me@philipdonker.nl.