Hello, I’m Philip Donker



Thanks for checking my personal website. I'm a young professional, with a strong interest in modern marketing and commerce technologies. I have finished my Small Business and Retail Marketing bachelor in september 2012. During my study I have been an intern at iBOOD, PayPal and Oyaloo Mobile Marketing and I have founded several companies. Please check out my portfolio to read more about my experiences and feel free to contact me!


  • Oyaloo Mobile Marketing 2012 — 2012
  • PayPal 2010 — 2011
  • iBOOD.com 2007 — 2009


  • Ontwerp een Case B.V 2011 — current
  • Simply Online Sales 2007 — 2016 (sold)

Ontwerp een Case B.V.

About the project

In november 2011 I came across an affordable technology to produce customized smartphone cases, with a photo or company logo printed on the backside. After discussing the idea with a friend we decided to start a new company: Ontwerp een Case B.V. For this company i was responsible for the website, online marketing and mobile app. Currently i'm responsible for productmanagement and sourcing.

  • Projectmanagement
  • Strategy
  • Online marketing
  • IOS app
  • SEA
  • Businessdevelopment
  • Sales


About the project

Smartphone users often complain about the battery life of their phones. To offer a solution for this problem I founded EnjoyGear, an accessory brand specialized in smartphone charging products, such as portable batteries and chargers. The products are distributed via several e-commerce companies in The Netherlands.

  • Branding
  • Purchasing
  • Design
  • Projectmanagement
  • Businessdevelopment
  • Sales

Simply Online Sales

About the project

In 2007 I built my first online store: usb-oplader.nl, after the success of this website I launched several other niche websites, such as usb-kabels.nl, hdmi-kabels.nl and vga-kabels.nl. The motto for this project is to keep the websites as simple as possible, while continuously improving the SEO rankings and conversion rates. In 2016 the websites have been sold to Kabeltje.com

  • SEO
  • Webdevelopment
  • Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Online marketing
  • Conversion optimization

Internship Oyaloo Mobile Marketing

About the project

During my graduation internship at Oyaloo Mobile Marketing I have been working on a strategic business plan for the retail products of the company (mobile websites and apps). Based on market research and interviews with experts I have developed a 2-3 year strategy for the company, to become the leading company in the mobile retail marketing industry.

  • Market research
  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Retail marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Positioning

Internship PayPal

About the project

At PayPal I have been working on several marketing projects, such as the PayPal integration on classifieds websites like Tweedehands.be and Marktplaats.nl, the development of a new API for account creation, the development of a new PayPal microsite for eBay.nl and the voting campaign for the Thuiswinkel Awards.

  • A-B testing
  • Analytics
  • Web development
  • UI Design
  • Projectmanagement

Internship iBOOD.com

About the project

During my internship at iBOOD the company was rapidly growing to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in The Netherlands. I have been responsible for copywriting, photoshopping and customer service related work as an internship and part-time job.

  • copywriting
  • customer service
  • photoshop

Small Business and Retail Management

At the INHolland Haarlem university of applied sciences I have almost finished the Small Business and Retail Management program. The basic program exists of courses such as market research, marketing, projectmanagement, leadership, law and sales. Besides these courses I have completed a Honours program in Leadership and a differentiation- and specialisation program: InChina and Entrepreneurship.


  • - Mandarin language
  • - History, culture and business
  • - Study trip Shanghai/Beijing


  • - Research and strategy
  • - Marketing and sales
  • - Presentation skills


Please use the form below to contact me or e-mail to me@philipdonker.nl.